April is Check Your Helmet Month

Make Sure Your Helmet is Ready for Riding

Check Your Helmet Today!

April is “Check Your Helmet” month and a great time to ensure your helmet delivers the protection that you expect. Maximize your margin of safety by following these suggestions:

Helmets should be replaced every three to five years, according to D.O.T. and Snell Foundation guidelines. Over time, exposure to UV rays combined with the aging of adhesives and components damages a helmet’s protective qualities. Keeping your helmet clean will maximize its protective qualities. Remember, a helmet is designed for only one impact – dropping it counts as an impact – and should be replaced even if you can’t see any external damage.

Proper fit is vital to a helmet’s effectiveness. A well-fitting helmet should rest one inch above your eyebrows and shouldn’t roll forward or sideways on your head. For a quick, detailed description of how to best fit and care for a helmet, check out the How to Fit Helmets video at www.h-d.com/helmets and visit your dealer.

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