Captain Kirk’s Motorcycle For Sale

Capt'n Kirk on a Pagsta, not the custom Harley-Davidson he's donated to charity

William Shatner, the original Capt. Kirk is selling his custom Harley-Davidson in the same auction of memorabilia from Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s personal collection.  Roddenberry died in October 1991.  The items from his estate such as show scripts with markups in his own handwriting, costumes from the show and Roddenberry’s own studio pass will go on the block June 27 at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.  Proceeds from his estate will benefit his foundation.

Proceeds from the sale of Shatner’s motorcycle will be donated to the Hollywood Charity Horse Show which benefits handicapped children.   Shatner, who once sold a kidney stone f

or $75,000 and donated the money to charity told ABC News that I handed the motorcycle over and it was a part of my heart, but that’s only figuratively speaking,”

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