Lehman Trikes Partners with National Powersport Auctions

SPEARFISH, South Dakota – Lehman Trikes announced today an exclusive new partnership with National Powersport Auctions (NPA).  The new relationship provides Authorized Lehman Trikes dealers access to the largest network of powersports auctions in the United States.  Qualified Lehman Dealers can purchase motorcycles at any NPA location.  Dealers must be enrolled with NPA to participate at auctions either in person or online.

Lehman Trikes and NPA have arranged additional benefits to Lehman Dealers, including storage and transportation to Spearfish, South Dakota for Lehman factory conversion to trikes.  Lehman Trikes will also deliver the newly assembled trikes back to the dealers.  As an additional benefit, qualified dealers are eligible to have the motorcycle purchase and factory conversion put on floorplan with GE Commercial Distribution Finance.

“This is an excellent opportunity available exclusively to Authorized Lehman Trikes Dealers to purchase units for trike conversions at competitive pricing.” stated Ken Hines, President and CEO of Lehman Trikes. “It’s the perfect business scenario for all parties involved and we are happy to continue to provide our dealer network with new opportunities and industry leading service and support.”

“We are very excited to be working with Lehman Trikes, providing new avenues for dealers to participate in the expanding trike market.” states Justyn Amstutz, Executive Vice President and COO for National Powersport Auctions.

For more information on Lehman Trikes or to become a Lehman Trikes dealer, call 1-888-3WHEELS or visit their website at

6 thoughts on “Lehman Trikes Partners with National Powersport Auctions

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  2. The auction system interests me, I like how the price is created naturally by the demand for the product. So many products have their price artifically manipulated in todays major markets.

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