Strokers Dallas Gets New Show On TruTV

It’s been rumored for months that another motorcycle themed show was in development for TruTV and according to Variety and a reliable source connected with the show,

Rick Fairless will star in a new TruTV reality based show

the rumor has been confirmed.

Strokers of Dallas will be the setting for a new reality show to air on the network that also features Full Throttle Saloon.  According to a reliable source, the show will feature Rick Fairless, his mom and the crew of the motorcycle shop, bar and tattoo parlor in a humorous unscripted reality show.

But, don’t expect a warmed over version of the defunct Speed TV show, Texas Hardtails.   About the only thing the two will share, according to our sources is that Fairless, his mom, his employees and customers are used in the show. The new show, which has gone through about three working titles,(the last being Ma’s Roadhouse,) will be less scripted, and more reality based than the previous show Texas Hardtails.

The first episode is finished production but no official air date has been set.

3 thoughts on “Strokers Dallas Gets New Show On TruTV

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