Bushtec Helps 83-Year Old Customer Seek Quest To Surpass 2.5 Million Miles Of Lifetime Riding

krazy george

Jacksboro, Tenn. – Bushtec Performance Sport Trailers is helping an 83-year old avid Bushtec customer get a new hitch on life. The company recently delivered one of its newly designed hitches to “Krazy” George Goland, one of the world’s highest-mileage riders who has cruised more than 2.5 million miles in his lifetime and now seeks to surpass that number on his first-ever custom trike.

“You may not know Krazy George personally but you’ve probably seen him riding for years at all the motorcycle events on his signature purple Harley with his purple Bushtec trailer,” said Kirk Rush, Director of Sales & Marketing for Bushtec. “We are very proud to recognize George as one of our most loyal Bushtec customers and to help him achieve his next riding goal on a trike.”

“Krazy George” has won numerous awards and recognitions for his riding accomplishments. Of his journeys, 500,000 miles have been cruised while pulling his Bushtec trailer over a 10 year period. In 2004, Goland won the highest Gold Medal award bestowed by Ironbutt for a record setting 1,500-mile senior ride, which he completed in 22 hours, 59 minutes and 13 stops from San Diego to Texas, all while pulling his Bushtec trailer.

“Some people have the gift of art. I have the God-gift talent of motorcycle riding,” said Goland, a San Diego resident. “I’ve been blessed to have ridden almost every day of my life. Through motorcycles, I’ve made friendships for life, taken on every challenge you can imagine, and made the world better, I think, because of it. I’d also like to say that without Bushtec, I would never have traveled my journeys. I look forward to hauling my Bushtec on this new trike of mine.”

Goland has also been recognized by Harley-Davidson and other groups for his riding abilities in law enforcement. He spent nearly 30 years as a motorcycle officer for the Los Angeles Police Department, where he earned the One-Million Mile Safety Award from the National Safety Council for becoming the nation’s first Peace Officer to achieve one million miles of safe riding.

Goland got his “Krazy” name for all the wild motorcycle stunts of his youth. He is best known for roaming across the country in his Purple Ultra Classic, a bike that has become somewhat of a mascot for the motorcycle organization, Jesters on Wheels, which Goland founded as an affiliate of the Shriners and Jesters. Today Goland leads Jesters on Wheels as its President Emeritus.

About Bushtec Performance Sport Trailers

Bushtec was founded in 1984 and soon afterwards acquired by the Preston family in 1989. Bushtec coined the term “Performance Sport Trailer” after developing the first true air ride suspension system for a motorcycle trailer; its air ride technology is patterned after some of the finest automobile suspensions in the world. The company manufactures a line of six custom motorcycle trailer models and more than 65 parts and accessories. Based in Jacksboro, Tenn., Bushtec offers free public tours at its 50,000-sq.-ft factory in Jacksboro, where employees blend metal, fiberglass, paint, carpet and vinyl to handcraft each motorcycle trailer.

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