Motorcycle Accident Claims Mother 20 Months After Daughter

In a cruel twist of fate, a 43 year old Simpson Pa woman, Lisa Hess, who was riding as a passenger on a motorcycle was killed in an accident over the weekend just 20 months after her daughter was also killed as a passenger on a motorcycle.  In the cruelest of irony, Hess was riding with the father of her  6 year old grandaughter who was also killed, leaving the child orphaned.  Read the whole story here

0 thoughts on “Motorcycle Accident Claims Mother 20 Months After Daughter

  1. A very tragic story that unfortunately reads in the nightly newscast as just another motorcycle crash in which someone was killed. My sympathies to the families involved. What is also unfortunate is there are far too many riders who take unnecessary chances while riding as this rider did, passing cars on a secondary road that does not offer safe passing zones, or as Ms. Hess’s daughter lost her life riding with a rider who was alcohol impaired, which continues the dark shadow over motorcycle riding. I hope riders who engage in such unsafe rider practices take notice of this horrible, senseless tragedy, if not for themselves, for their families and loved ones.

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