Harley Factory Won't Host Open House This Year

Harley-Davidson’s York Plant in Pennsylvania has decided against hosting its annual Open House this September and has angered some riders and businesses who depend on the event, according to published reports.   Company officials say with the restructuring and downsizing at the plant, they feel they might not have the resources to promote the event the way they would want to.

HD said it remains the presenting sponsor of York Bike Night continues to offer its free factory tours.

The company is moving the touring motorcycle production to a newer facility that produces Softails and is planning to sell part of its York campus and cut the workforce below 1,000 workers.

Response from the Harley faithful has been at times caustic.  On the York Daily Record, which originally published the story, one reader identified as My Take from York Pa said,

I think this was a very bad PR move. The people who come to this are HD diehards who BUY YOUR PRODUCT. You are snubbing your customers by not opening up. Then, the excuses you throw out for not having the open house are so scripted it’s actually almost humorous. You must think people are morons. Keep making moves like this, and you won’t need a plant. HD loyalty is your bread and butter, and you just crapped on those people.

Harley-Davidson did not have any response other than the release previously posted.

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