US Donates Harley-Davidson Police Bikes to Lebanon

a HD print ad from the mid-50's

The US State Department is promoting American interests overseas and bringing a bit of Western Culture to Lebanon in the form of Harley-Davidson Police motorcycles.

Yesterday the US Embassy in Beriut dropped off 20 specialized HD Police Road Kings as a gift to Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces (ISF).

“Today, we add another iconic American vehicle to the ISF arsenal,” Sison said at the handover ceremony in Beirut. “These impressive and easily recognizable motorcycles will certainly assist the ISF in projecting its presence in the eyes of the Lebanese citizens, and if I might add — doing so with great style.”

The Harley’s cost a total of about $500,000, the State Department said, part of more than $100 million that State’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Bureau, known as “Drugs and Thugs,” has spent on the ISF since 2007.

the state-of-the-art police motorcycles, identical to ones used by many American law enforcement agencies, were produced in the U.S. and are outfitted with specialized police equipment including enhanced steering and braking capabilities and lights and sirens with mounted microphones and speakers.

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