ATF Kills Outlaw MC Club Member

It was a scene that could’ve been taken from Kurt Sutter’s Son’s of Anarchy, but was all too real for the Outlaws MC in Old Orchid Beach Maine.  Early this morning, an ATF SWAT team descended on the home of Thomas “Tomcat” Mayne, who police say is the regional treasurer for the American Outlaws Association.

Agents say they were fired upon and in the ensuing gunfight, one member of the Outlaws was killed.  According to the Chicago Tribune, police were also trying to arrest Outlaw MC member Kenneth Chretian, on a state warrant.  He was taken into custody.

The ATF did not immediately identify the deceased motorcycle club member.

Mayne was one of 27 members and associates of the American Outlaw Association motorcycle club members charged in the indictment unsealed Tuesday. A federal grand jury in Richmond, Va., charged many of the defendants with racketeering for allegedly participating in a criminal enterprise involved in attempted murder, kidnapping, extortion, illegal gambling and drug dealing.

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