Big Dog Continues To Sink


In another round of layoffs, Big Dog Motorcycles inches closer to complete shutdown.

According to information on Cyril Huze blog, several key employees have been let go.  John Brock (since 2003 Vice President Of Operations), Anne Dixon (Customer Service Manager) and Wayne Hanson (since 2006 Customer Support Manager.)

The June 26th factory Open House was cancelled with no future date set and as of June 28th, the factory has not confirmed its vending spot at the upcoming 70th Sturgis Rally and Races this August.

Since mid 2009,  Big Dog owner Coleman Sheldon has been actively seeking an investing partner or a complete buyout.

Several other prominent factory custom brands are said to be having difficulties and are behind on reimbursing their dealers for advertising co-op money.

2 thoughts on “Big Dog Continues To Sink

  1. Peraps if they didnt screw the American with garbage from day one they would have had a better following. Lets just suficeit o say that after 10 starters in less tan six yers and BDM Corporate wont do a damn thing but ignore me…well Ill be glad to see them all starving in the streets.
    Hugs and kisses,
    A $33,000 victim

  2. It doesn’t surprise me. I would think the market for high priced driveway jewelry would be a shrinking proposition at this point in the “jobless recovery”. The new owner of Indian should probably take heed.

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