Construction Worker at “American Chopper” Dies

Reality television got a little too real yesterday in New York.  The AP is reporting that a 26 year old Beacon NY roofer died yesterday morning when he accidentally stepped through a hole in the roof of the building that Paul Teutal Jr. is renovating for his new motorcycle shop.

Paul Jr and Paul Sr have reportedly not spoken since the break up last year that led to Jr. being fired and leaving the once popular reality television show American Chopper.

The Learning Channel producers announced that the pair would star in a new show that would pit father against son in the motorcycle building industry and said production would begin soon, but no air date has been set.

According to the report, neither Paul Jr. or Sr.  was present at the time of the accident.  The name of the deceased is being withheld pending final notification of family members.

2 thoughts on “Construction Worker at “American Chopper” Dies

  1. It dosent matter if their not talking. If someone dies who is working for them, they should have respect enough for the person to put crap like that behind them.. I like the show, I actually know a family like that. They are really close but have differeent opinions that is all. I mean after all they will always be family no matter what.

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