Lehman Trikes Announces “Lehman Signature Series”

Lehman Trikes is excited to announce the launch of a new custom trike line “Lehman Signature Series”, a specialty line of factory assembled trikes providing custom paint schemes and wheels on select Lehman Trikes models. These designs will be available in limited production numbers and are completely unique to Lehman Trikes.

The first of the series is based on “powered by Victory” models, the Lehman PitBoss and CrossBow. The designs and color schemes range from mild to wild and are designed and created by Lehman Trikes’ talented team of professionals.

Ken Hines, President and CEO of Lehman Trikes said, “At Lehman, we are always looking for ways to set our customers apart from the crowd. These trikes will definitely turn heads and because we design and manufacture products in house, they are assured to meet our highest standards for quality fit and finish.”

Lehman will be expanding the “Lehman Signature Series” to additional models in the near future, something Ken is looking forward to with excitement. The Signature Series trikes will be available exclusively through authorized Lehman dealers in the US and can be seen on their website at www.lehmantrikes.com.

For more information on Lehman Trikes and to locate a Lehman Trikes dealer, visit www.lehmantrikes.com or call 888-3WHEELS.

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