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A Mullet for “Machine Gun Preacher” Star

You might remember Gerald Butler as the paramour of Friends” actress Jennifer Anniston.  Or not.  If you’re not a celebrity hound, that tidbit of gossip may have passed you by, as it did us.  But, a new movie starring Butler has him wearing a 80’s mullet and riding a Harley-Davidson so it perked our antenna straight up.

Machine Gun Preacher” is based on the true story of Sam Childers, a missionary in southern Sudan who really is referred to as the machine gun preacher and is a former outlaw 1% club member and drug dealer from Pennsylvania who became a member of the Assembly of God church and later visited Sudan.

While in Africa, he witnessed the work of the Lord’s Resistance Army, a militant group in northern Uganda and southern Sudan that captured children and forced them to be child soldiers and sex slaves.

Butler will play the role of Childers in the film, which is directed by “Kite Runner” and “Monster’s Ball” director Marc Forster.

Michelle Monaghan (“Made of Honor,” “Gone Baby Gone”) will play the role of Childers’ wife Lynn.

Shooting is taking place in and around the Detroit area, including the Heartside Mobile Home park and local elementary school.

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