Don't Look Ethel!!!

Funny Caption Contest

You Should Always Check the mirror before you leave the camper.  You might forget something!  Enter your best caption here or on Facebook and we’ll send the funniest one (as chosen by our editors) a FREE collectible, USRiderNews cap!  Hurry, contest ends soon.

Don't Look Ethel!!!

98 thoughts on “Funny Caption Contest

  1. ‘Who wants to ride a full dresser? Hell no I only ride Nekked Bikes!, low drag = high speed!’

  2. The insurance company paid the claim on the bike as a total loss. Not enough saddle soap in the world to salvage that one.

  3. Ijust remember drinking with these two hot girls them BAM, everyone was taking pictures of me on my bike.

  4. damn jap riders never know how to act in public. (but i think Dan Boudreau’s is the total funniest!!!!!!!!!)

  5. Man that was one hell of a party last night,at least i didnt forget where my bike was.

  6. This has got to be the guy your mother warned you about!…lock up your daughter’s and hide the silver!

  7. Now, we’ll try this one more time…this is how you get rid of those annoying tan lines.

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