Motorcycle Fatalities Decrease In Sunshine State

Motorcycle deaths in Florida decreased 25% in 2009

There are conflicting reasons as to who gets the credit but there’s no disputing that over the past 3 years fewer motorcyclists have died on Florida’s highways while motorcycle registrations have increased.

The Florida Dept of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles released data that revealed a 25% decrease in motorcycle related deaths in 2009.

The motorcycle rights community in Florida recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of the repeal of the mandatory helmet law.   Helmet use had been mandatory for all riders in Florida for 30 years prior to July 1, 2000.

ABATE of Florida, which was instrumental in the repeal, reported that motorcycle registrations increased 20% in the year that followed the repeal.

According to a press release issued by ABATE of Florida,  motorcycle drivers and passengers involved in fatal crashes have been wearing the optional helmet and ABATE believes this proves that while helmets protect in some head-trauma cases, this fact shows that helmets are not the magic safety device that proponents claim them to be.

ABATE says the decline in motorcycle crash fatalities can be attributed to better rider training, as well as the MSAP (Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Program) created by ABATE and funded by the Florida Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for the last few years.

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