Reality Star Healing After Motorcycle Tumble

Dean McDermott,Reality TV Star of the Oxygen Network show ‘Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood’, is recovering after a wreck on a dirt bike put him in the ICU in the hospital with a punctured lung July 1st.  McDermott is out of ICU and according to his recent updates on Twitter.

On July 4th Dean posted, “I’m healing, slowly Ill be doing rehab for a while I messed a few things up when I crashed.”

This is the second motorcycle accident that has landed McDermott in the hospital.  He’s promising his actress wife that he’ll give up motorcycle riding for good.   He posted, “3 stitches in my right butt cheek where a stone got imbedded. Let’s just say, I won’t be dirt biking anymore.”

McDermott says he doesn’t know how the accident happened, and all he knows is he smashed his chest into the bars as he flew over the front of the bike.

According to his doctors, McDermott is expected to make a full recovery, although they say he probably won’t be any better at dirt bike riding after he gets out.

One thought on “Reality Star Healing After Motorcycle Tumble

  1. You’re really freakin lucky!!!! I had a freind who was a Firefigther and was killed on a freak accident!!! He too slam his chest on the handle-bars, got up and fell back on the floor dead!!! He busted his “LIVER” in two…. I’m a bike rider as well and I do believe on refresher courses!!! You’re never to old or too cool for classes especially now a days that everyone want to ride and think they are the “KING” of The Road!!! I am however, glad and greatful that you made out of this “freak accident” and that maybe you’ll consider re-freasher courses!!! “celeb or not!!!!
    Live to Ride & Ride to Live
    I may not be perfect-but definitely unique….

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