Spy shots of Ducati’s Fat Tire Cruiser

photos from Motoblog it

A few weeks ago the website Motoblog.it snagged a few pictures of the new, never before seen Ducati Mega Monster motorcycle.  Reports have surfaced that Ducati has shown a Mega Monster prototype to a consumer research panel in SoCal in June 2010.

As in the case of the lost Apple IPhone, it does seem a little odd that the test riders in these photos that appear to be snapped from a passing vehicle are wearing Ducati branded jackets.    Maybe the Italians are not that adept at keeping things secret?

More likely someone gave the Motoblog a heads up about the secret test ride so these photos would “leak” to the world’s motorcycle press.

England’s Motorcycle News ran this photo on it’s cover and we feel pretty sure they didn’t sneak in the

cover of August Motorcycle News

plant and capture it.

But, who knows, maybe the Brits have deeper pockets and can bribe the employees at Ducati.  With the abundance of cell phone camera’s today, it’s not difficult to snap a shot of top secret stuff and perhaps score a few dollars for your trouble.

The Mega Monster (we don’t know what it will be called when it is released) resembles a V-Max with the twin air scoops in the front.

The rear seat is lowered too, by moving the exhaust and the rear shock which gives the bike a squat that also resembles a ‘Busa.   Maybe the Duck is going racing?

On Motorcycle.com the noise is that the new bike will probably feature the Multistrada’s liquid-cooled 1198cc V-Twin. This Testastretta Evoluzione has radically altered valve overlap compared to the 1198 superbike’s configuration, making the engine much more responsive at lower revs – perfectly appropriate for a muscle cruiser meant to compete with a Vmax or Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle.

The world press is calling this a Ducati cruiser, but we wouldn’t go that far, but it’s closer to a cruiser than anything else Ducati produces.

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