Indian Releases Concept Bike In Sturgis

Indian might not be releasing any official information about the concept bike they unveiled on Friday in Sturgis, and might be hoping instead to generate a buzz by playing their cards close to the vest.   Interesting concept.

Additionally they continued their tradition of unveiling the new models to the press and the public at the same time during the Sturgis Rally.

Here are the photos of the concept bike and the new Blackhawk.

Concept Bike Unveiled in Sturgis 2010

4 thoughts on “Indian Releases Concept Bike In Sturgis

  1. I do not know what these other guys are talking about. They are the best looking bikes I ever seen.They copy no one and the bikes have there own style. Keep it up Indian.

  2. This bike looks like a BMW-Honda hybrid, not impressive at all. Go back in style to the nastalgia and beauty Indian once created; and lower the prices to a reasonable number and we will buy your bikes again.

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