Tom Cruise rides Cameron Diaz on set of Knight and Day

Rumor Mill Busted; Tom Cruise Not In Wreck

Tom Cruise rides Cameron Diaz on set of Knight and Day

Ben Franklin said, “Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear.”

Advice that’s well worth heeding when it comes to celebrities and rumors of their motorcycle accidents.

Yesterday, August 26th, the blogsphere was all abuzz about Tom Cruise wrecking some teenage kid’s sport bike while showing off his “stunt” skills in Los Angeles.  The report said Cruise wasn’t injured and the teen was so pumped that Cruise wrecked his bike, he declined the actor’s offer to buy the kid a new bike and only requested that he “autograph” the crumpled remains.

Later in the day the website “Gossip Cop” busted that rumor.  This is the second such “Cruise wrecks” rumor this year.  This past spring, HollywoodLife reported that Cruise was in a serious wreck and required medical attention.

We can only assume the tabloids who rush to report every rumor they hear about Cruise and other celebrity motorcycle accidents are assuming that at some point the celebrity will wreck and they can claim they knew it was going to happen, eventually.

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