Too Much Too Drink? Park in a POD

Motorcyclists in Colorado who feel they’ve have too much to drink can lock up their bike in a metal storage shed called a POD.  It’s a program that started in Wisconsin and is expanding to other states.   The Colorado program is partly funded by the Ride Smart Foothills Motorcycle Safety Coalition and CDOT.

One thought on “Too Much Too Drink? Park in a POD

  1. sounds like a nice (storage) service to be offered for a fee, but certainly not for free. people need to plan ahead. if you think you will be drinking, take a vehicle that can be locked up and left behind. try to impress people with conversation instead of chrome. people need to take responsibility for their actions.
    i never drink while on 2 wheels.
    sorry for sounding like an old nag, but i don’t want anyone getting hurt.

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