Victory Motorcycles Donates $27k to Fort Hood

This past Memorial Day, Victory Motorcycles auctioned off two custom Victory bikes to raise money for families affected by the Ft. Hood tragedy.  Victory donated $27, 900 to the Chapel Tithes and Offering Fund at Ft. Hood this past Friday morning.

“Victory felt compelled to do something to show support for Fort Hood following the horrible incident last year,” said Steve Menneto, general manger, Victory Motorcycles. “With everything our soldiers sacrifice to protect the freedoms we enjoy, organizing an effort to help those affected in the wake of that terrible event was something we saw as necessary. We want to be sure those soldiers and their families know how much we appreciate what they do for all of us.”

The Victory Industrial Design Team took a Victory Kingpin 8-Ball and a Victory Hammer S and painted

Custom Army Vics

them in Army themes.  The Hammer S was painted in a glossy black, gold and white with a current Army style.

The Kingpin was painted an olive white matte finish to represent Army’s past.  100% of the proceeds raised from these custom motorcycles were donated to the Chapel Tithes and Offering Fund, a non-denominational fund established for all soldiers stationed at Ft. Hood.

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