Favorite Helmet Sticker Contest

Comment below with your favorite helmet sticker saying. ¬†We’ll choose the best ones (up to 10) and give them a subscription to USRiderNews!

10 thoughts on “Favorite Helmet Sticker Contest

  1. ride fast till you see god then brake!

    if you want to know what death is mess with this bike.

    my hairline is not receding im just getting more head!

  2. Yes I road it to Sturgis

    I you can read this back off

    I’m a biker not a motorcycle enthusiast

    Helmet laws still suck

    This bitch don’t ride bitch

  3. 9 out of 10 women are battered, why am I still eating mine plain?

    Jesus loves you, I think you’re an asshole

    It’s for riding, not a fashion show

  4. Rehab is for Quitters

    I’m not Speeding I’m Qualifying

    Money isnt everything but it keeps the kids in touch

    I drink Grape Juice because OJ Kills

    Cleverly disquised as a responsible adult

  5. Mess with me, you mess with the ENTIRE Trailer Park!!

    Honor Student…”Yes, your Honor”, “No, your Honor”

    Let go of my ears, I know what I’m doing!!

    I can’t go to work today….the voices told me to “Stay home and clean the guns”!

    MEN:No Shirt = No Service… WOMEN: No Shirt = FREE Beer!!

    Would you drive better with that phone up your ASS??!!

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