If OSHA has its way, Principals can no longer use their motorcycles during work time

State Wants School District To Ban Motorcycle Use By Administrators

According to a report in the Mail Tribune, officials with the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division is urging theĀ Eagle Point School District to prohibit employees from using motorcycles as transportation to work-related activities.

This comes after Principal Tiffany O’Donnell was seriously injured Sept. 13 in a motorcycle accident en route between the two rural schools.

OSHD officials say that the principal or the school has not violated any regulations, and no citations have been issued to the district. But the State cautioned that allowing employees to drive motorcycles for work activities presents a hazard to employees, as well as a liability to the school district.

The agency also recommended that administrators be added to the district’s DMV automatic reporting system where the district can check on employees’ driving records and licenses to operate a motor vehicle. Neither recommendation is mandatory, according to the report.

According to the repot the principal was by a driver in a pickup truck which was making an illegal U-turn on Highway 62.

*This report was edited to remove references to OSHA which is a Federal agency and replaced with OSHD, which is the Oregon State agency involved in the report.

5 thoughts on “State Wants School District To Ban Motorcycle Use By Administrators

  1. Many official don’t understand the consequences of their behavior. At the end no one will be alowed to travel in any engine equipped vehicle or plane. Even horse riding is more dangerous than walking.
    Think before you act! Live is a risk and it is my freedom handle my live.

  2. I followed your link to the full article. One line stuck out in it which stated "Eagle Point school administrators are expected to drive their personal vehicle for work purposes." If this is the case, the only legal way they can dictate what type of vehicle is driven, would be to change the policy, and provide a school owned vehicle.

  3. Oh, this makes a lot of sense. The Principal should get a good attorney and

    read the school the riot act. If the Principal was in a car, there still would have been an accident. If they follow through on their philosophy, they might start prohibiting the principal and staff from smoking….

    What crap

  4. It would appear big brother is at it again, it is not illegal to ride a motorcycle. All methods of travel have inherent risks. One might praise the principal for using a method of travel which is economical and more environmentally friendly. Let’s do a study ( the government loves spending money on this ) and see if the is a particular make and model of car, pickup, bicycle that “principals” have been injured on while traveling for work and ban them. Maybe several pricipals have choked on a particular type of lunch meat while eating at work. Let’s ban smoked peppered turkey from their diets.

    Instead punishing the “principals” for riding a motorcycle, let’s punish the driver who made an illegal U turn that caused the accident. Government needs to quit trying to save us from ourselves and start saving us from those who harm us.

    I live in Oregon, on behalf of myself and other Oregon riders, i’d like to apologize for the government ignorance in our state. It’s a little embarassing…. just saying.

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