Sturgis Bar Fetches Huge Amount at Auction

One Eyed Jack’s Saloon on Main Street in Sturgis sold for more than twice it’s county-appraised value yesterday reaching 9.2 million before the final gavel fell.

The company who auctioned the property said that interest was high as bidders came from states as far California and Florida and as close as Colorado and the Black Hills.

The winning bidder was a local businessman, Louis Bruer, the owner of the No Name City Campground located east of Sturgis.

Bruer told the Rapid City Journal that he has no plans to change anything at the Saloon.

The 45,000-square-foot-property included 80 cash registers, about 800 bar stools, a Sturgis liquor license and an exotic performer license that was grandfathered in after state statutes changed in 2008.

According to the report, it was unclear if the exotic performer license would be transferable to the new owner.

One thought on “Sturgis Bar Fetches Huge Amount at Auction

  1. Ok, you say the property was valued at approximately 5 mil and this guy paid over 9 mil for it? Makes you wonder what they take in every year in gross earnings? I've been to Sturgis several times. I like Sturgis. Ok, ok, I like the ride to and from … I like riding the local roads … I like some of the local towns and sites … and I'm NOT particularly fond of downtown Sturgis ON RALLY DAYS … but I enjoy my "Sturgis Vacation" just the same. Keeping that in mind, I wouldn't buy a bar there … especially not for twice its property value.

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