Victory Commander I Police Bike Debuts

Victory Police Motorcycles, a Tucson AZ based company, debuts its new police cruiser built on the Victory Cross Country / Roads platform.  Victory Police Motorcycles has been building police cruisers since 2007. The company was co-founded by a motorcycle officer that wanted to extend the Victory handling and reliability into a police cruiser that could surpass other manufacturers.

Fast forward three years and it seems that Victory Police Motorcycles found the perfect platform with the cross bikes.  On November 1st 2010, the new Victory Commander I went into duty escorting Senator John McCain and Senator John Kyl.  Senator McCain reportedly was delighted that the new Commander I was being built in Arizona.

Read more about these police cruisers here: Victory Police Motorcycles

2 thoughts on “Victory Commander I Police Bike Debuts

    • Murdock you have no idea what your talking about and obviously don't know anything about Victory Motorcycles. The Victory X-Bikes are nothing like what you accuse them of being in your comment. Before you go shooting that mouth off you should actually go ride one and do some research. Anyone that owns or has ever ridden a Victory will agree with me.

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