Georgia’s Motorcycle Patrol Uses Tickets To Meet Budget Shortfall

“The more tickets you write, the more money you make.” “What’s the problem officer, you haven’t made your quota for this month?”

It’s an accusation that is constantly leveled at law enforcement officials across the country.  In truth, however, most law enforcement budgets are independently funded and are not affected by the amount of revenue their officers generate. Very few departments have stated quotas and none that we could find would admit publicly they promote a quota system.

But, that seems to be changing across the country and especially in Georgia.  In a report on the Georgia Public Broadcasting website, The Georgia State Patrol motorcycle unit uses a portion of the fines it generates from tickets written by officers to help fund the unit.

State patrol spokesman Gordy Wright said, “Citations written by the motorcycle unit, a portion of the fines go back to that unit for the maintenance and operation of the motorcycles.”

Critics say this puts pressure on officers to write tickets and will inevitably  lead to a “quota” system to maintain services.

5 thoughts on “Georgia’s Motorcycle Patrol Uses Tickets To Meet Budget Shortfall

  1. I hope not. It's the Motorcops I get the most respect from. But then, I do ride a Harley.
    You see, if you ride a crotch rocket, they wave you OVER, if a Harley, they wave TO you!
    It's the CAR cops I avoid.

  2. So here's the message for us all. Don't ride like an idiot and they won't be able to write any tickets. No tickets will mean no revenue to support this little gang in blue and before too long we will be rid of them.

  3. Fact: Personnel are selected for these units because they are more willing to write tickets than their counterparts.
    Fact: Revenue generated by most police departments (state agencies normally excepted) goes into municipality / county general operating budget. You make the connection.
    Fact: Nobody likes to be ticketed, but most of the time, you've got it coming; you've gotten away with it previously and the law of averages catches up eventually. Take it like a man / woman.

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