Ridiculous Motorcycle Theme Post

When we saw this headline; Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Gets Sexy In New Motorcycle-Themed Photo Shoot! We thought, how ridiculous is this.  So we followed the link to Hollywood Life and yes, it was as lame as we thought it would be.

The photographer Jay Ott, is doing a motorcycle themed calendar and we’re assuming that Abraham is supposed to be a “cave” girl paired with the Big Dog Wolf factory custom.  With creativity like that we can’t wait to see what outfit the model will sport while  posing with the Harley-Davidson Fatboy.

Abraham started on the show when she was 16 and pregnant.  She’s 19 now and ready to make the jump from irresponsible and talentless teen mom to talentless adult mom who becomes famous for no other reason than television exposure.

Besides the motorcycle in the photo, the only reason we’re posting it is so you can comment on how lame you think it is, or how much you like it, because someone out there has to like this stuff or it wouldn’t get on the air.

That and it’s a real slow news days so we have to post something so the boss feels he’s getting his money’s worth.

12 thoughts on “Ridiculous Motorcycle Theme Post

  1. Hey Farrah never was on welfare when she was 16.Like alot of others that are..She made a mistake got preg.Her daughters father was killed..She finished high school and lives on her own with her daughter..So all you haters out there. she is making money supporting her daughter..we tax payers are not doing it…so lay off…she has the right to make money..and look at all of us typing about her..this is how a unknown gets famouse…

  2. Fab. bike…..great photographer & w/out throwing judgement on the teen mom, Come on….Lets not glorify the teen pregnancy thing any longer. When teen pregnancy can compare to the freedom of a great ride…let me know. Whats the next pic. going to be? another teen mom, pregnant in a swim suit laying accross the tank. Yeah, food for thought. Now thats sexy! LMAO

  3. LMAO….She really isn't all that pretty!
    This might be the look of a Post Card from??????…not to sure!
    The Bike,Barn & the girl with the outfit on…. doesn't do it for me! Its not the right combo,if u knw what I mean!

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