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Angels Lock Bench Because of Pesky New York Tourists

Have the Hells Angels lost their street cred? ┬áThat’s the inference in a NY Post article about the club’s attempt to keep pesky New York tourists from sitting on a bench in front of their East 3rd Street clubhouse.

In times past, the club would probably employed an iron fist, or at the threat of an ass kicking to keep tourists from a nearby hotel from lounging around on its wooden bench a few feet from the entrance to the inner sanctum.

Today they’re using something that resembles an automobile anti-theft device to discourage would be lazy loungers.

The hotel’s manager Mario Cornejo says, “we have a very good relationship with the Hells Angels, and we want to do everything we possibly can to keep it that way.” The hotel has even gone so far as to put a sign in their lobby asking guests to avoid the bench.

4 thoughts on “Angels Lock Bench Because of Pesky New York Tourists

  1. If the HA wish to prevent civilians from there civil rights, I suggest they relocate to some other country.

    last time i looked there are no police rights awarded to any biker MC club, and using a public bench, in public is not a criminal act.

    the HA can ..|.,

  2. well if it is a public bench a citizen needs to call the police and have that bar cut off.
    NOONE has the right to tell ANYONE what they can or can not do in public.

    this 'blocking from public usage' is itself illegal.
    IF they dont want the bench there they should petition whomever had it placed there for removal.


  3. Don't blame them for it at all. If some civilian gets hurt while they're close the club, whether it has anything to do with the club or not, it's just more trouble than it's worth. It's better to discourage the looky-loos and the people with no common sense without having to worry about cops and lawyers and the like.

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