Father and Son Teutel in the early years

Paul Sr Is Said to Be On Steroid Buyer List

Father and Son Teutel in the early years

In the world of motorcycle reality television there’s no bigger name than the Teutuls.  Over the past half decade or so the New York family has been providing on screen and off screen entertainment for motorcyclists and non-motorcyclist public alike.

The Teutuls have rubbed elbows with some of Hollywood’s elite, built “themed” bikes forFortune 500 companies and circulated in the hallowed halls of our nation’s Capitol.

Along the way they’ve had their own personal ups and downs, all shared with their audience.

Now, according to a story in the Times Union, Paul Sr has been linked with a South Florida dentist who pled guilty last week to illegal distribution of steroids and human growth hormone by writing prescriptions for performance-enhancing drugs to athlets and the motorcycle celebrity.

According to the report, Business records show Teutul received over $50,000 worth of steroid prescriptions authorized by D’Amico through the now-closed Palm Beach Rejuvenation, whose owners pleaded guilty three years ago in Albany to drug distribution charges.

Paul Sr. was contacted by a reporter on his cell phone but he refused to comment, directing all inquires to his business manager, Steve Moreau,

5 thoughts on “Paul Sr Is Said to Be On Steroid Buyer List

  1. I cant believe people watch this sh**. for Christs sake, get a life and quit living through tv celebs. Saw this show once years ago before I had my cable disconnected. GET OFF THE F"IN COUCH AND GET YOUR OWN LIFE!

  2. leave him alone at least he kept it out of his sons world.and thats hard to do in the cycle world .before he became known to the public who cared?

  3. Paul Sr. must not be on the roids anymore because he looks like he's wilting away to nothing. Steroids or not He's an abusive piece of shit and I don't blame any of his kids for not wanting to have a relationship with him

  4. Steriods would explain his severe mood swings, temper tanturms. But also he seems to be able to control them when not dealing with Paul Jr. He really knows how to push Paul Jr.'s buttons and vice a versa. Do hope he and Paul Jr. can get togather again. But at this point I don't see how!

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