4 thoughts on “Seeing Bikers Public Service Commercial

  1. wrong attitude. not look out for bikers, just plain look out for others safety and dont drive like what YOU have to do is the ONLY thing that matters.

  2. i am a lady biker ,and when i take my harley road king trike out ,a lot of people act like they dont see me.I MEAN HOW MUCH BIGGER CAN YOU GET THAN A ROAD KING TRIKE?;)

  3. Bruce B's gf here … I like this commercial! I like it alot! Unlike my bf above, I take it for what it is … "an exageration which will never be reality, so please look out for bikers" … and I enjoyed it! Simple and to the point. Soooo … poohie to you BB (I still love you though … hehehe). Teresa

  4. Too dramatic to be reasonable. I understand the concept if bikers had bright signs like those, more drivers would see the bike. In real life the bright signs would cause distraction accidents. Maybe this would alert drivers to look for the bikers..

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