Cherokee Rally Cancelled

One of the oldest motorcycle rallies in the South is on indefinite suspension. The Cherokee Survivors Motorcycle Rally & Concert has been cancelled until further notice. According to sources close to the rally, the Cherokee Tribal Council, who controls the Tribal Fairgrounds did not renew the promoter’s license. It was speculated that Council was responding to pressure from the management of Harrah’s Casino to end the rally, which has been in existence since the 1980’s. There is no word if and when the rally will resume.

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10 thoughts on “Cherokee Rally Cancelled

  1. we also agree that the casino as well as cherokee will be sorry at this stupid desision,we have been attending faithfully fall and spring rallies since the 1980's. leaving this morning for the boone nc rally and that will be as close to cherokee as our bike will ever see.not only are we protesting so is our hog!!!!! dont forget there are harrahs casinos in other places besides cherokee ''stay away''

  2. man i really looked forword to the rally it was lade back and my wife like it too but hay they wont see my money either not even to take kids on vaction we had pand this year but you know they dont care because they dont let kids in any way . will go some were else

  3. Somebody better get them up to date on what happend in Myrtle Beach! Then again dont. Let them cry and whine wanting it back like Myrtle Beach!

  4. I will not spend another dime there either. I ride the smokies 6-7 times a years since i just live 2.5 hours away from it. But I will stay clear of Cherokee from now on. This is a bunch of bologna. I have attended the Cherokee Rally for years, but to hear that the Casino is running it out of town. That casino will never see my money or back side again.

  5. The tribal council should be ashamed. These rallies has kept money coming all these years and now that Harrah’s has their alcohol -they don’t care. Also, Harrah’s has got a place for all these concerts to go to so why would they bother getting concerts for the rally. As a faithful Cherokee rally supporter, I will never spend another dime in Cherokee.

    • I agree Todd, I've been attending the rally since 1981 faithfully. Shame on Harrah's for thinking they are better than anyone else. We'll see how their profits take a big dip on the weekends of the rallys. And I will never spend another dime in Cherokee either.

  6. I would guess declining vendor participation and high prices for admission, and low gate counts had a lot to do with it. Why would the Casino mind, it brings business to their hotel and Casino.

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