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Local Motorcycle Businesses Revive Rally In Sturgis Kentucky

There are still some details to work out with leases and permits but if everything goes as planned, Sturgis Kentucky will host the first Kentucky Biker Fest at the Union County Fairgrounds July 14-17.

Tim Banks and Carlene Thomas, owners of Custom Biker Wear approached the Union County Fairground board after Little Sturgis Rally and Races cancelled their event last month.  The Thomas’s said they wanted to keep the bikers coming to the fairgrounds.

“We travel all over the country and people know it, people know about this rally. So it’s well known, it’s well established, there’s no sense to let it die,” Banks says.

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16 thoughts on “Local Motorcycle Businesses Revive Rally In Sturgis Kentucky

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  5. I have been going to the rally for 8 years. Unless things change, I wont come back. It has become a RV event. Last year the individuals camped on each side of me did not even have bikes and the one group did not look old enough to even be there. Bring back the motorcycle rally and get rid of the trailer trash. And the cops have become worse and worse every year. If you dont want bikers to come then just say so don't invite us in only to take our money and to run us out or take our money and have an RV event

  6. I am not a hardcore biker, but I like my Harley. Security is one of the most important parts of a bike meet. We go to have fun, but not to get hurt. A small punk-ass bike club camped across from us on my last trip to Little Sturgis. They were allowed to hurt other people for fun. How could I have fun, when I thought I may have to hurt or kill some idiot who thought he was Billy-bad-ass.

  7. The first thing you need to do is decide wether your having a bike event, or a lets go look at the bikers show. We rode there in 05, to find hundreds if not thousands waiting to get in on a first come first serve basis, not bikes, but motorhomes, campers, busses, and every other kind vehicle, most without bikes.
    After riding 1200 miles to attend, and getting what was left, for a camp sight, it was our first and last trip to Little Sturgis.
    My recent post Some model fossils

  8. Just stay away from the word, your town's name, even though you likely existed before South Dakota was a state. Turn the Situation into a Spectacular rally. I am sure Somebody will take note that the big Stink is over and Surprise is Sure to Standout.

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