Has Big Dog declared bankruptcy and closed for good?

Big Dog Motorcycles Ceases Operations

Has Big Dog declared bankruptcy and closed for good?

It has now been confirmed that Big Dog Motorcycles has closed for good.    Cyril Huze first broke the story that Big Dog was closing and later The Wichita Eagle reported that the company has laid another 10 employees off but stopped short of confirming that the remaining 22 have been given pink slips.  The company started in 1994.

The company’s official Facebook Fan Page has not responded to inquiries about the closing and company owner Sheldon Coleman has not responded to calls or emails.

Blogger Cyril Huze is saying he was told last week by a source that the company’s closing would happen this week.

Huze speculates that Coleman may negotiate with the bank to regain possession of the company’s stock of parts that he has used as collateral for loans to start a smaller business supplying parts to the past customers of the brand.

*Update April 5, 2011 10:30am – Headline changed

DealerNews is reporting that Rick Fairless, owner of Strokers Dallas has spoken with Sheldon Coleman about Big Dog’s demise. “Sheldon called me and said the bank was taking over operations, and that the bank was shutting down the production line,” he told Dealernews. “So Big Dog Motorcycles as we know it has ceased to exist. It’s a sad, sad day.”

14 thoughts on “Big Dog Motorcycles Ceases Operations

  1. They have sold something like 25000 bikes. If all of you guys crying out there would donate 100 $, bdm would have a liquidity of 2.500.000 imediately. That would keep them going …

  2. I own a 2007 K-9 and it draws a crowd whenever I put the kickstand down. I have had no trouble with this bike in 4 years and am sick about BD's bankruptcy. It is a great machine built by great people. I only hope our government and financial "engineers" find a way to put people back to work…and Bigdog rises again!

  3. This is the only BIKE TO have I hope they can some how they can re-open
    I have a 2004 pitbull I purchased new and there is no other bike out there I would want to buy thanks BIGDOG

  4. i was pushed to buy a big dog k-9 in 2006, the first year for this model. my wife wiped out my hd fatboy. i had one problem after another with this bike. today after 3ehc, 2 cluch cables, 4 speedodermers, faulty wiring,6 speed baker tranny, i enjoy the bike. 2008 i had the wheels, hub, pully, triple trees, and many other items cromed. i have three shops that will service the bike. i hope parts will be on the market or available. i have 28000 miles so far and yes its time to ride.

  5. Having owned 4 Big Dog Motorcycles and having riden my 03 Chopper from Houston to Key West and then from Houston to Laconia, HH I can tell you that I'd buy another one anytime. This poor economy has taken its toll on us all. It is time we get some new leadership in the White House.

  6. I bought a 2002 B.D. Wolf from a friend a year and a half ago, less than 7,000 miles on her. I'd never buy one new but couldn't pass up the like new used one . I couldn't build one near this nice for what I paid for it. Candy orange paint with pearl flames, 107 " engine, Baker 6 speed trans., softail, a lot of bike for the money. If the resale value drops because they are belly-up who cares, I bought this bike to ride. The fit and finish on my 02 is flawless, I think the workmanship is top notch. My friend took the bike in for routine maintenance and the mechanic noticed one base gasket was seeping just a smidge. The engine that year is a TP, they replaced the whole top end ,(cylinders and heads) with S&S parts. They did it all as warranty work and didn't charge him a dime for it. Big Dog bikes are high dollar but they stood behiend their product. Sucks this crappy economy claimed yet another great business- Ratfink

  7. Damn..as a woman I just bought my first Bigdog 2000 Pitbull. after 3 HARLEYS I made the change. So are they worth more or less in the future? i just love mine.

  8. Banks just want to make a decent profit like you and I. Hometown banks, anyway. I have my doubts about those NY banks that seem to be too connected to D.C.
    Most banks were just forced into this by the new govt. regs.
    B. of A. keeps hitting me with niggling charges and might be about to loose my business.


  10. If they priced their product right they may still be in business. There were rumors about poor workmanship also.

    • I got to agree with you Tom. Most bikes sell for less than you could build them for yourself, I mean as much as a Harley is the parts to build one in your garage would be dam near twice as much as buying a new one. Big Dog on the other hand sold bikes, nice bikes, but bikes you could build yourself with after market parts for about 3 times what the parts would cost you. I have always admired their work, but for me to own one it would have to be a used basket case I rebuilt myself.

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