BADD Poker Run

Plainview, New York. Reflection Counseling Center, 202 Terminal Dr. Presented by Barking Against Drunk Driving with the support of Alliance MC. All proceeds to Reflection Counseling Center, a nonprofit drug treatment and prevention counseling agency. Clean and sober poker run with breakfast, afternoon barbecue, raffles,
prizes, and music. $20/bike, $10/passenger. Starts 9 am. FMI 516-576-3120

One Size Does NOT Fit All!

Thank you to Marcus for writing this great article that was in our very first issue of American Woman Riders. It was time to share it again. Lots of great information in it.


There are a lot of motorcycles out there!  There are high-tech newer models and simple low-tech vintage bikes.  There are V-twin cruisers, in-line 4 cylinder sport bikes, touring bikes, adventure touring, dual sport, off-road, street fighters, well you get the picture.  There are a lot of motorcycles out there.  And, as some folks say in the motorcycle industry, “There’s an a*s for every seat.”  With all that being said, there are so many bikes because there are so many different riders with different expectations from their bikes.  (Oh yeah, there are different skill levels too!)


            When looking for a bike that “fits” perfectly there are several things to consider.  Most importantly does the bike feel good when you are sitting on it?  Does it feel comfortable for the type of riding you will be doing?  Do you think you could ride that bike for an hour or more and be comfortable doing so?  Some of us are lucky enough to find that perfect bike sitting in a showroom or elsewhere that does not need any adjustments, or just minor ones.  It “fits” perfectly!  Some of us aren’t that lucky though.  So, if you find a bike that you really like but it does not “fit”, what can you do?  There are three major components that can be changed on most bikes.  The seating position, the foot position, and the handlebars.  Changing one or all three of these components will not come without a monetary expense though.  What’s a little extra dough to get that perfect “fit” on your bike?  Priceless, right?  I hope you think that way too.  After all, when out burning up the roads you definitely want to be comfortable on your machine. 


            I could go into greater detail describing how to make a motorcycle “fit” but I don’t think this publication would want me to take up that much space. The thing to do is to just get out there and sit on some bikes and start talking to the people that ride, and talk to the people that work at the local dealerships.  Most people want to talk about their bikes and share their knowledge and experiences.  The ultimate goal we all share as bikers is to have that perfect ride. A comfortable bike, a beautiful day, and perfect conditions are what we all want to experience on our ride. Whether it is a short commute to work or an all day trip, that is what we all want.  So keep in mind, there are a lot of bikes out there and one size does not fit all!

            If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a call at 505-471-3808.

Marcus Stender   Business Manager, Santa Fe Harley-Davidson®


Safe Rides Always and Remember To Find Joy In Your Journey! 

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Brit Doctors Against Mandatory Helmets for Bicyclists

Helmets should not be mandatory for bicyclists according to a majority of British doctors  

Mayor Boris Johnson takes former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger (right) for a ride in London Photo: PA

In a suprising study just released by the British Medical Journal. In a report in the Telegraph more than two thirds of the respected journal’s readers said they opposed compulsory helmets for adults. One respondent in the poll of 1,427 people said: “It gives out the message that cycling is dangerous, which it is not. The evidence that cycling helmets work to reduce injury is not conclusive.  Motorcycle rights groups  are using this study as further evidence that just like bicyclists, motorcycle riders should be given the personal freedom to decide if wearing a helmet is in their best interest.

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4th Annual Anniversary July Open House

Jacksonville, North Carolina. 125 Wilmington Hwy. We will be having professional stunt rider Ryan Lanier, Games such as bean bag toss for free gifts and discounts, 50/50 raffle proceeds donated to Collection of Comfort Charity, Free t-shirt with demo rides and all girl bike wash all day. We will have free hot dogs, pizza, and drinks and rewards customers receieve double points all day. Come meet and greet SSC Race Team 2010 Coastal Plains Drag Way Track Champs and take a spin in the cash cube for free cash and prizes. FMI 910-455-0001 or