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Georgia Cop Arrested Exceeding 100 mph On Motorcycle

An Atlanta area off duty cop was arrested Thanksgiving night for excessive speed.  According to a report in the AJC, Clayton PD officer David Eugene Carter was being followed by a unmarked Butt’s Co Sheriff’s SUV when the police officer sped up.  The arresting deputy said the motorcycle exceeded 100 mph on the rural two lane road.

After the arresting deputy flashed his blue lights and Carter pulled over, he identified himself as an off duty cop and told the deputy that when he realized he was being followed, he became afraid for his safety on the dark country road and didn’t realize the dark SUV was a police vehicle.  Carter told the deputy there have been incidents in which vehicles try to “bump” a motorcycle owner off his bike to steal it.

Carter was charged with violating the Georgia Super Speeder law  and evading an officer. The evading charge likely will be dropped given that Carter did stop when the blue lights flashed according to the reports.

6 thoughts on “Georgia Cop Arrested Exceeding 100 mph On Motorcycle

  1. Thanks to those who actually took the time to think about the possability that I may actually have obeying the law when this encounter occured. I had been tailgated at very close range for several miles, and was even followed through a stop sign by a slick topped new TAhoe. This isn't the way an officer should police. You should do your job if someone intentionally breaks the law, but police are not given authority to cause someone to break the law for an arrest. Not all cops are bad, thanks again.

    • Thanks for the perspective David. Are you willing to update throught the comments here about the resolution of the situation? Good luck.

  2. I have "sped up" when being someone seems to be following me. If they were to speed up to match I would assume I was being chased too. I wouldn't pull over until I round a safe place. Hell, around here we currently have two LE impersonators pulling women over and raping or extorting them for money.

    Seems to simple to be the whole story.

  3. I heard two cop talking once. They were discussing weather one should have pulled someone over. _ One told the other he had no probable cause. The second told him he had only to get behind someone in his crusier and he would have PC in a couple of minutes._ I know this is true because if the get on my butt, I will do something wrong due to nerves._This is a form of entrappment to me. What do you guys think._ This guy probably wouldn't have sped up if the suv had not tailed him.

  4. 40%+ think he should have turned the lights on sooner, but no one knows if the off duty cop was doing anything wrong at that point.

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