beer stunt

What Would You Do?

The producers of this beer commercial borrowed a  small 150 seat cinema playing a popular film, and filled 148 of  its seats with Sons Of Anarchy looking bikers, leaving only two  free seats in the

middle of the theater. They then allowed  theater management to sell tickets for the last pair of tickets  to several young couples.

We know a few gals who would’ve walked in, shouted “HELL YEA!”  double pumped their fists and jumped to the seats!


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4 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. I agree … not enough choices in the poll. In reality, I probably would have "excused" my way to my seat, sat down, and said "hi" to the person in the seat next to me. Considering that 98% of my wardrobe consists of Biker Rally T-shirts, I imagine I would have been wearing one and would have fit right in!

  2. not enough choices on the poll would have sat down and spoke to a few people on the way in . My kind of crowd ,definitely safer than the usual crowd.

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