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Victory’s New Hard-Ball

The custom bagger movement has gained enough traction over the past few years that manufacturers are sitting up and taking notice.  While Harley-Davidson has yet to fully embrace the trend, Victory showed it’s nimble enough to come out with a mid-season offering that has is sure to create a buzz on the street when the bike hits the dealerships in early 2012.

The Hard-Ball takes the Victory High Ball concept a step further by blacking out almost every part on the bike, with the exception of the primary cover,  clutch and brake levers and a sliver of chrome on the engine fins and lower fork legs.  Both “Balls” share the same 65.7 wheelbase, low platform frame.  (26.5″)  Both cradle the same 4-stroke 106″(1731 cc) / 6-speed 50˚ EFI V-Twin with dual 45 mm throttle bodies.  Both have the same height-adjustable ape hangers.  What makes the Hardball a  bad ass custom bagger are the flat black paint, red pinstripes and two large hard bags which appear to be the same ones used in on the Cross Country line.  Specs are posted below the video.[polldaddy poll=5757508]

5 thoughts on “Victory’s New Hard-Ball

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  2. Dear Victory,

    I know it is a burden to try and find people to test ride and review a motorcycle. Scott is so busy with the CCT that he will not have time to review the HB. I know it is a true sacrifice, but I will volunteer to test ride and review your bike. I am even willing to make it a long term test, you know, like 20,000 miles to get the complete experience.

    Your friend,
    Flat Black

    P.S. I cc'd this comment to Santa, just in case.

  3. I like victorys, But I never see any…Now if they start building the indians at a low price and the same level of quality and attention to detail, They'll have something…I like harleys too, Just not the stigma that goes with them…I've heard women say "i only ride on harleys" I say "good"…lool

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