Federal Regulators Issue Fine Against Southern Honda Powersports

1_southernpowersportsThe largest powersports dealer in the nation, Southern Honda Powersports in Chattanooga Tennessee was fined $125,000 to settle allegations that it knowingly sold motorcycles that had been recalled but not repaired.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began a probe of the dealership after USA Today story about the practice.   USA Today said it received information from Ernest Vickers III, a former marketing consultant, hired by SHP, who alledged the dealer sold hundreds, perhaps thousands of motorcycles, ATV’s and dirt bikes that were under recall without first fixing the defective items.

In October,  American Honda said in a statement that it “always has complied with all applicable regulations issued by NHTSA and the CPSC (Consumer Protection Safety Commission), including those related to product safety defects and the conduct of safety recalls.”  Southern Honda’s owner, Tim Kelly called Vickers allegations “utter balderdash” and told USA TODAY that  “some bikes were delivered” before recall work was performed but that customers were notified and their vehicles were repaired.

NHTSA said it’s investigation found that at least 329 motorcycles were sold between 2007 and 2012 that were not inspected or had their recall defects repaired before customers took delivery.  No injuries or deaths involving those motorcycles have been reported.

The total fine amounts to less than $400 per identified vehicle.

Vickers claims that 25,000 vehicles were assembled unsafely during his 3 year tenure with the dealership.   The NHTSA announcement did not mention or address those claims.

One thought on “Federal Regulators Issue Fine Against Southern Honda Powersports

  1. NHTSA is required by Federal Law 49 USC 30166(K) to report each and every one of these 329 violations of Federal "Safety Recall Laws" to the U.S. Attorney General. Each of these violations of Federal Law by Tim Kelly's Southern Honda Powersports carries up to 5 years in Federal Prison. As a result of NHTSA investigation and findings, the Department of Justice is now investigating all of these violations of Federal law by Tim Kelly’s Southern Honda Powersports, Chattanooga, TN.

    "USRiderNews” pointing out these critically important facts and critical areas of dealer liability and exposure (not only monetary but more importantly dealer criminal liability) to the Powersports dealer network, is not only the responsible thing for “USRiderNews” to do, but it is your responsibility, as the primary source provider of industry information that dealers across the country rely on.

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