Female Con Artist Used Full Throttle Appearance in Scam

nicolemarieclawsonNicole Marie Clawson’s 15 minutes of fame are just about over.  On Friday the 39 year old was arrested in Lady Lake Florida for  allegedly scamming dozens of victims in hoaxes ranging from pretending to be a nurse to shaving her head and pretending to be a terminally ill cancer patient.   she has been accused of forging checks, and stealing jewelry from her victims.

Her act was so good she was able to lie her way onto the set of the biker reality show, Full Throttle Saloon.  According to reports, Clawson told producers she recently inherited $40 million dollars from her deceased father and wanted to invest $1 million in the saloon.

The episodes that are airing now were taped in August and Clawson is appearing in several of them.

The producers of the show cooperated with Florida authorites and posted on the show’s website,  “Clawson was filmed in August 2012 in Sturgis, South Dakota and has since continued a pattern of fraud and deceit.  Clawson has gone by various aliases including Nicole MontanillieNicole Reasoner and Nicole Bott”

Clawson used her appearance on the television show as a way to scam individuals, including one man who  confined to a wheelchair asked Clawson to marry her and buy her an expensive home.  Authorities say she used the internet to meet potential victims online.

**  Update May 13, 2013  

Clawson pled guilty to the charges in Florida and was extradited to Georgia in April 2013 to face similar charges in that state.  Reports are that investigators in Indiana and several other states are preparing to indict Clawson for similar crimes.    Read the story here


14 thoughts on “Female Con Artist Used Full Throttle Appearance in Scam

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  2. im glad she was arrested micheal and angie go thru enough crap with jessies stunts, i love ya jessie but u do have a lot of wild hair stunts that are stressful and scary, nicole deserves at least 20 yrs in prison

  3. Michael Ballard and The Full Throttle Saloon will be filing charges and having her prosecuted to the fullest extent

  4. Mike Ballard made more than one statement during the show concerning his scepticism about her and her check to Full Throttle. Obviously the dollar signs did get in his way BUT his comments prove that he was not blinded by her actions. She did abuse their hospitality however … no matter how suspicious they may or may not have been … she should be arrested and convicted for whatever crimes she is guilty of committing.

  5. She did to Mike Ballard what he does to the biker community, scams them for fortune and fame. He was a fool to believe her story, but he let dollar signs get in the way of reality!! The Full Throttle Saloon is not Sturgis Bike Week!!

    • If you have ever been to Sturgis, Every one sees dollar signs when its Sturgis bike week, it's just not Mike Ballard, there's a lot of cons that go around, if it sounds to good to be true,it must not be true!!

  6. Full Throttle Saloon is one of the many train wrecks of reality tv that caters to those that think professional wrestling is real.

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