Lane Splitting On The Table in Nevada


Reno NV  Nevada may become the first state to officially sanction motorcycle lane splitting, according to a report in USA Today.   A similar bill was passed by the State legislature in 2010 but vetoed by then Gov Jan Brewer.

Video Vegas PD officer rear ends biker then chews him out

The Democratic controlled House passed the bill in April and the Senate is expected to pass the bill before summer recess. Republican Gov Sandoval has not indicated if he will sign or veto the bill.

Russian lane splitting biker gets caught in embarrassing situation

Lane splitting is not “officially” sanctioned in California, but CHP turns a blind eye and allows the practice at what it considers “safe” speeds.  Proponents argue that the practice is safer for motorcyclists who are less likely to be rear ended during stop and go traffic jams.

Read the whole story on USA Today. 

7 thoughts on “Lane Splitting On The Table in Nevada

  1. This is Nevada they are talking about. and really Las Vegas where temps are over 100 almost all summer, it is hot . The bikes are air cooled and need to keep moving or over heat, not to mention cooking the rider in the process. It is not letting someone get ahead that sould be to focus, in slow or stop and traffic it is just the right thing to do. I ride and would only split lanes if the bike or I just cant take the heat and the space is available.

  2. Personally I won't and don't lane split..Just my prefence. The excuse of being rear ended is lame. Doesn't make a differance if you at the head of the line at a light or in the middle of a line you still have vehicles on all sides and behind. I've seen too many bikers crushed between cars for doing this at low speeds..With no sheetmetal around me I think I'll just wait like everyone else…If your bike runs that hot to where 3 minutes at a light is to much for it maybe invest in an oil cooler. I have a 97 Harley 1200 Sportster with one..No problems.. I'm not against it at all let me make that clear..Just pointing out the obvious…

    • No, the reason is efficiency. It allows more room for the thousands of single-occupancy, 3000-pound missiles crawling along every busy road here in California (25 years here in Los Angeles). Without speeding,but carefully making my way through clogged traffic, I can cut my commute in half — at least. As long as you're not on some huge Goldwing or any cruiser, it's a safe and efficient way to move along any congested roadway.

  3. I've seen cars that were damaged by idiots like that, and then they're gone. It's stupid. Wait in line like the rest of us, or use the shoulder!

    • Are you even a rider? I've been riding motorcycles and lane-splitting every day in Los Angeles for twenty-five years, and 99.99% of the lane-splitters are courteous and wary of other peoples' vehicles. And the practice leaves more room for your gas-guzzling, 3000-pound missiles to move a little more efficiently. You're welcome.

  4. now bring it to PA, bikes get hot just sitting especially Harley's that are air cooled and also are at risk for being hit from behind from asshats that think just because they are in traffic that it's ok to text their crownies and then hit into the back of a cyclist. I'm for lane splitting. Just my $0.02

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