A.B.A.T.E. of South Dakota collecting data on law enforcement during Sturgis Rally

police-stopA.B.A.T.E. of South Dakota is asking motorcyclists who are planning to be in the state during the upcoming Sturgis rally to report their contact with law enforcement, both local and statewide.  On their website the group has posted,

Contact us if you feel you have been treated unfairly by government agencies during the rally…if you are stopped by law enforcement and didnt deserve it, get us a copy of the citation or warning with as much relevant detail as you can. If you were stopped for an equipment related issue but after they discovered you (for example) were not a dui candidate and you were let go without a citation, also notify us of that, we need a paper trail to justify complaint.”

At this time there isn’t a contact form, or fax number to contact the State office.  There are several links to emails and if you are involved with law enforcement during the rally we suggest contacting one of these people.

State Coordinator Jiggs Cressy
Vice State Coordinator Rod Hersrud
State Treasurer Jan Weismantel
Legislative Officer Larry Nielson
State Secretary Bobbie Florey

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6 thoughts on “A.B.A.T.E. of South Dakota collecting data on law enforcement during Sturgis Rally

  1. Jules- I got a citation near Keystone SD on Thursday Aug 1. I was passing a slow moving car right where it becomes 4 lane. My ticket was for 65 in a 60. I asked the officer if he would have stopped me if I were doing 61. His answer was " the speed limit is 60." He then told me he has seen many serious motorcycle accidents during bike week. I assured him I am a very safe and careful rider with 40 years experience, over 300,000 mtorcycle miles and no tickets on record. He said that was true as he had already checked my driving record. The experience ruined my trip and I'm done going to Sturgis Rallies. We left immediately and traded the Black "Hills" for the Rocky " Mountains". No problems in Montana.

  2. I have to say I have been to Sturgis for the last 15 years and I guess I was lucky due to I have never had trouble with the law I did ask one were to get the best breakfast was and the pancakes were great at the school across from the full throttle saloon. Sorry couldn't help but had a great time see everyone there soon.

  3. Clarification: We are most interested in Hi handlebar stops (shoulder height is legal in SD)..whether they escalate into something more serious or a release after no alcohol is smelled.

    CONTACT INFO; sdhandlebar@gmail.com

    or mail to
    2601 S Minnesota Ave STE 105
    Sioux Falls SD 57105-4750

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