Adios Muther F#*Ker! How to Fire an Employee

rickfairless1Rick Fairless owns a Strokers of Dallas and Strokers Ice House.  He’s been featured on several reality television shows and for a couple of seasons, was the feature on his own Speed Television show.  He’s a superb custom bike builder and has an opinion on just about everything.

Recently RF wrote an op-ed piece in DealerNews where he says he truly dislikes almost all his ex-employees.

Rick says, ” Since I also own a bar, lots of my employees enjoy drinking here after work at my Strokers  IceHouse. Well, when I fire some goon, I tell them that they are not allowed at any business owned by me, including my beer joint. Boy does that piss ‘em off. Even if an employee quits, I don’t want them back up here at my place of business. Yeah, sure, there are always a few exceptions, but not many with me. When an employee leaves me, then I consider them dead and gone forever. I won’t even remember their name in a year or so — and I proudly tell them that. It’s like they were a bad dream that you forget soon after you wake up.”

Read the entire blog post on DealerNews

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  5. Saw him on Mystery Diners on Food Network. Had some real shit bag thieves working for him. There were a couple. She was stealing from the bar and he was stealing bike parts.

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