As Harley-Davidson Prepares for An Indian Revival it Drops Road Glide From Lineup.

harleydavidsonroadglideultra-600Harley-Davidson officials confirmed in an investor conference call Thursday that it intends to discontinue the FLTRX Road Glide Custom and the FLTRU Road Glide Ultra from its 2014 model line up.   Senior vice president and CFO John Olin said the decision was part of the company’s typical process of bringing models in and out of the lineup each year as it introduces new bikes.  “While those two Road Glide models are strong for us, they represent a relatively small portion of our touring sales,” Olin said in the investor call. “We don’t expect any large impact for taking those two models out for the next model year.”

HD’s Chief Operating Officer Matt Levatich told the Milwaukee Business Journal the decision to discontinue those models was so the company could plan ahead for their business and “manage customer expectations.  HD officials say the cuts would not have a material impact on sales going forward.

CEO Keith Wandell told MBJ Harley management isn’t taking the competition lightly, but “we believe the way we’ve positioned our company and how we’ve transformed product development and the pipeline of products we have coming … Our job is to just bring great products to market and make sure we’re winning with great products.”

Wandell gave props to Polaris for picking Sturgis to relaunch the once famous brand. “I think they’ll get certainly a lot of traffic, a lot of folks looking,” Wandell told me. “But it’s just going to be folks that are at Sturgis. I think when we then unveil our new products a couple weeks later, I think it’ll more than offset what’s been done there.”

23 thoughts on “As Harley-Davidson Prepares for An Indian Revival it Drops Road Glide From Lineup.

  1. We all have to give the respect to the individuals who are taking efforts towards the education or schooling of us. They are doing the well for us and making us able to do the things which are our dreams. And more they are putting their efforts for the benefits of us.

  2. If you look at Harley's annual report you will see the Road Glide accounted for only 9% of sales.

    So it wasn't they most popular model, by a stretch.

  3. I purchased my first Harley Davidson in 2011. A Road Glide Ultra. After 26 years of riding other brands no bike has givin me more pleasure and satisfaction than the Road Glide. I planned on selling it this year for a new RG to stay current on my model years but sadly they dropped the model. I would literally be settleing for another model if they dont bring back the Road Glide.

  4. The bat wing fairing is butt ugly. And a fork mounted fairing is inferior to a frame mounted fairing. The Road Glide was the only model with the good fairing.

    Discontinue the Street Glide. Heck, it's pretty much an Electra Glide w/o the trunk.

    The trunked bikes should have removeable trunks anyways. Who wants to ride around with that extra weight up high unless you're on a trip? Sure sucks for weekend rides or commuting.

  5. The Road Glide is only one of the touring series. they didn't say anything about the Electra Glide Classic or Ultra. So I am assuming that they are still going to carry a touring bike.

  6. Road Glide is the best ride Harley has and I am glad I own one :)! They can do what they wish at the MoCo but I bet they come back in 15. Those that say HD has poor quality are misinformed I own 2 and both are very reliable and have produced many miles of smiles on both my wifes and my faces!

  7. I have an '09 Road Glide, love it because of the frame mount fairing. It is the most stable bike that HD makes for cross country riding. You have very little turbulence behind a large truck and from an oncoming Trucks. Wouldn't ride a longmdistance on any other style of bike. I guess if HD doesn't come out with another one when I am ready will have to look hard at a Victory bike, they have frame mounted fairings also and are very nice long riding bikes also. The only problem for me owning a victory is dealer location not close by.

  8. Im not currently a Harley owner, I did however like the way the Roadglide looked, as being a big fan of the old Tour Glide. I think from what Im reading is Harley may be feeling a little threatened from Victory and Im curious to see if the Road Glide disappears and then returns with changes and a slightly different title. Harley has something brewing and Im sure whatever it is, folks will like it. As for shorter riders, I have witnessed in my years the lowering of just about everything Harley has offered, so theres no reason for shorter riders to settle for something they dont want.

  9. Clever marketing strategy. Supply and demand. Just makes all the Road Glides out now that much more desirable. Glad I got a '13 before they stopped!

  10. Well, I'm a tiny female, and have been hopin' and prayin' that HD would introduce a 250 starter bike. My husband had a 1985 fxr for years (just gave it to his daughter) and still has a 2007 street glide (with over 100000 (one hundred thousand) miles on it. I am puttin' around town on an adorable 150 scooter, but my bones need to learn a real bike. My 'training wheels' are lovely. Won't give that up, ever. But, I want a harley. But, i want a small one. PLEASE OH PLEASE, make a 'starter bike' for those females, similar to me, who are not 'big mamas' and can't possibly handle a big bike. But, as for this article, everywhere we go, we see Road Glide and Road Kings. I'm surprised they claim 'it represents a small portion' of touring sales.

    • Pippi,
      Not sure how you define 'tiny'. I have 26" inseam. I've been riding since '79 and don't understand why you think you need a tiny bike. Every bike can be customized to fit your needs: lowering is the most common but not the only option. Pull back handlebars, modified seat, modified foot controls … I am partial to soft tails myself but since I rode over 22,000 miles last summer decided to move up to a road glide. Take the abate course, visit a dealer who is knowledgeable about modifications and go for it!

  11. Current HD management are idiots. The RoadGlide has finally become one of their most popular models, and they decide to phase it out??? The Motor Company's biggest problem is that they are targeting their whole product line at the younger generation; who may not stick around for another twenty years. And they have completely forgotten about us fifty somethings who made them successful and saved them from extinction; and remained loyal to the brand. And oh by the way, WE still represent the median age of Harley owners. Shooting themselves in the foot once again!

    • this is a false statement, I work for the orange and black. I can tell you the RoadGlide is NOT one of the most popular models. Not even close. And the younger target audience is only sportster, breakout, wideglide, and 2 softail models. You still have, roadking, ultra, superglide, switchback, fatboy, heritage, deluxe, streetglide…
      Where are you getting your info from dude. Opinions are not facts

  12. I have been a motorcycle enthusiast all of my life and never thought that I would own a Harley, since they were always breaking down. In 2007 I bit the bullet and purchased my first Harley. It's a 2007 Road King. I have put 40,000 miles on it with no problems. I can truly say that they have stepped up to the plate and they know best of what they are selling. I now own 2 Harley's and would never go back to any other brand. The quality is top notch and no other bike rides like a Harley. I do like the Road Glide and was considering getting one. I guess I will stay with the other styles which have been great.

  13. Seeing so many FLTRUs on the road these days it's hard to believe it's a "relatively small portion of [their] touring sales." Seems like a bad decision to me. I'll stick with my '11 FLTRU. Don't have to worry about upgrading now; I'd never buy a bike with a handlebar-mounted fairing.

  14. I guess I'll continue to keep my '12 FLTRU. And won't buy another HD product until they bring it back. Best handling touring bike they have and now they drop it. Have owned Harley's nearly continuously for 39 years. I am sure glad that I am pleased with what I have now. Wouldn't replace it, unless of course it came back as water cooled.

  15. Harley needs to pay close attention to the reliability of the product that they are putting out now. It is a very poor product…

  16. It won't increase! I bet the Road Glide will come back in a couple of years. This happened a few years ago when the Road Glide disappeared for a year.

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