Billy Lane gets back to what he loves best, wrenching on motorcycles

Billy Lane Joins Orlando Custom Bike Shop

billy lane outOn Tuesday, August 6th, Global Motor Werks posted on their Facebook page, “Billy back – and he’s here to customize your ride”   We reached out to the shop and talked briefly with Pat Torre, who identifed himself as one of the owners, who confirmed that Lane was working at the shop but would not provide any additional information about Lane’s status.  One friend who asked not to be identified said Lane was on work release from the Avon Park Work Camp where he has been serving his 6 year sentence.  No other details have been released about the conditions or restrictions placed on Lane by the Florida prison system.

According to reports, Lane was given credit of 2 days per month against his jail time for good behavior.

On August 14th, 2009,  Lane was sentenced in a Florida court to serve 6 years in prison with 3 years probation for a wreck that killed Gerald Morelock on September 4, 2006.

In 2011, BikerNet conducted an interview with Lane conducted while he was incarcerated, in which Lane said he would be eligible for work release in the spring of this year.  When asked about his plans for when he’s released, Lane said, “Ultimately, my goal is to have small shops in both Florida and California. I have life-long ties here, which I could never abandon, but I need a change. I’ll find it in California. If she’ll say yes, I’ll marry my girlfriend.”  Read the interview 

There was no mention of Lane’s release on his company website or Facebook page, Chopper’s Inc.



6 thoughts on “Billy Lane Joins Orlando Custom Bike Shop

  1. Little things in life are those that are only little in their appearance and that which are not to be mistaken for being so little because they are actually the things that have the biggest significance in life and this is only made to be realized to a man through knowledge.

  2. a drunk driver in a truck hit another drunk driver on a scooter and the one on the scooter died. that's not murder, it's stupidity and bad luck.

  3. Yes let us celebrate a person that murdered another Biker just because you think hes cool, What a world we live in

  4. Who cares about Lane joining a gone shop……….Torre is a master fraud scumbag. Sold my bike while on consignment at Global Motor Werks, bike is now gone and I never got paid. Douchebag Torre is now the manager at Lakeland Harley. GMW allowed Torre to do this to several people. There's an action suit against GMW going on, however the attorney who represents them never responds to calls or emails.

  5. Billy, if you are looking for a hard worker, please hit me up, phone # is 1-740-577-3385. I live in Jackson, Ohio. I would love to work with the best ( which is you.) Please contact me, please. My name is Corey Major, I'm 39, will be 49 July 30th.

  6. Thats great to news .I wont be long till we start seeing the jaw dropping and creative customs again. welcome back bro.

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