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Loud Pipes! Take our Poll on the New Indians

In 2011, Polaris bought the Indian brand.  Then they moved the plant from North Carolina to Spirit Lake Iowa and began gearing up for production.  This past March, in Bike Week they released the engine and now in Sturgis they’ve unveiled these bikes.  What do you think?  Winner or dud?

We’ve embedded two separate polls.  One for Harley-Davidson owners and one for everyone else.  We”re curious to see the difference in opinions from those who own the Bar and Shield versus everyone else.

chief classic $18,999

chief classic $18,999


Chief Vintage $20,999

Chief Vintage $20,999

2014 Chieftain $22,999

2014 Chieftain $22,999


Harley owners

Everyone Else

12 thoughts on “Loud Pipes! Take our Poll on the New Indians

  1. I'm an old school harley rider. I like the looks of the new Indians and would probably buy one after they have been out for a year or two to work out any bugs. One thing I would not do is give up my harley.

  2. I like it, 111 cu.in under $24K but have to get use to new windfoil on front, Where in Ontario Canada can I take a test drive to see if I want to purchase?

  3. Due to fixed income (retired), I probably won't be buying one. I'd like to get one, but will have to wait until I win the Powerball lottery…

  4. I liked the 2001-03 scout — was hoping they'd put the thunderstroke in something more like that. I really don't like the front fender on the old chiefs… butt ugly for sure! But to each his/her own I guess…

  5. I need a better look, and more info, at the drive train. The style is OK but has far too much overhang to the rear fender & bags.

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