Harley Hints at Entry Level Model Made in India and Electric Bike

made-in-india-bikeWe can’t confirm it, but Gizmag is reported that during the recent 110th anniversary celebrations, Harley-Davidson H-D’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) Matthew Levatich said the brand is planning to release a 500cc model to appeal to entry level riders, and that it will probably be built overseas.  Levatich is quoted as saying, “We have Harley-Davidson factories in India and Brazil – can we leverage those facilities and expertise so it can get to the, for example, Indian consumer, faster?  These are things we are becoming more open-minded to, but we understand the importance of ‘made in America’ – the American quality, spirit and integrity that matters to the customer.”

Levatich also said he’s often asked about an “electric”  model.  “People would say ‘hell no’. But why not: our engineers are quite intrigued with the idea of what an electric Harley would look like, sound like and feel like. And would it be visceral, would it be emotional, would it be luscious. And there’s a way to do that I believe, and it would be very exciting.”

Industry insiders speculate that the threat of a revived Indian Motorcycle Co is the reason Harley-Davidson is exploring every potential avenue to reverse its shrinking demographic base by attracting younger riders who may not care about where a bike is manufactured.

Read the report at Gizmag here

7 thoughts on “Harley Hints at Entry Level Model Made in India and Electric Bike

  1. " by attracting younger riders who may not care about where a bike is manufactured." H-D, people are NOT interested in a H-D built in India or Brazil…………they want an AMERICAN BUILT motorcycle !! And what the hell is this shit "made in china" on Harleys !!!???????????

  2. Harley fans don't want buells they want Harleys that's why it didn't make it, as for a 500cc entry model put a 500 cc v twin in a sportster style chassis build it in the us and it might make it

    • I have three Harleys, plus a Buell. I love my Buell it suits a different riding style that I also enjoy as much as riding my Harleys. The mistake Harley and the dealers made was not marketing more intensely to the Sport Bike crowd. Many dealers that carried the Buell line actually acted like they didn't want sport bike people in their shops. Now what I find interesting is that a couple of Harley dealers in my area are now handling Triumphs as well. So now we will get an entry level bike made overseas in a country that is not always favorable to the United States.

  3. I'm for better support of Buell or similar. Something on the level of an Indian Scout maybe. Electric motorcycle? 'scuse me while I puke.

    • Buell is currently working on a 400HP electric bike … if anything could make you puke, I would be willing to bet that one could do it … even if you can keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down!

  4. Harley needs something to replace the aging fleet of Buell Blasts in their Rider's Edge Program. Of course I think they never should have shut Buell down in the first place. Maybe if Harley dealers would have been more committed and provided good support to Buells then they would have done better.

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