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Somehow You Knew This Wasn’t Going to End Well

Motorcycle patrolmen know the risks of working in traffic, but it seems this patrol man forgot the rule of size. If you’re smaller than everything else on the roadway, you’d better learn to be quicker. Graphic content.

16 thoughts on “Somehow You Knew This Wasn’t Going to End Well

  1. Anyone, cop or otherwise, who does something that stupid is not long for this world. He's lucky to be alive and should not be a rider. Stick to the cage.

  2. Sorry bozos, the cop should have stopped traffic in the lane while not occupying the lane. He took an idiotic risk assuming he would be seen and drivers had enough reaction time. You don't make a roadblock out of your body.

  3. Personally, that Cop is a liability to those he serves.
    With all due respect, that is the worst move I have ever, ever seen. No b

    Brains, no headaches….

  4. TOmalá que madrazo le metio el imbecil del carro amarillo, Por ese tipo de pendejos no son seguras las calles y mucho menos las avenidas

  5. That officer did not seem to do anything wrong or out of the ordinary for the situation. The fault is completely on the driver. If you have ever had to escort, this is exactly how you are supposed to shut down traffic on a busy roadway.

    • The bozo in the Focus (or whatever) was obviously not paying attention–how do you just drive into a Police bike with its flashing lights activated.

  6. Video from the A7 highway in Wognum, Holland shows a police officer on a motorcycle getting hit by an ignorant driver who had a lot of time to react but didn’t.

    The policeman had been on an accident scene and went ahead of an ambulance carrying critically injured people with an intention to clear the lane of the busy A7 highway so the ambulance could pass through without slowdowns because people’s lives depended on each second. He stopped his motorcycle on the outer lane and signalled the passing traffic to stick with the other lane. Most vehicles, including a semi truck did just that, but then a yellow hatchback showed up.

    After the policeman realized the yellow car is not avoiding him, he tried to jump off its way, but it was too late. He was hit by the car and seriously injured. According to a police spokeswoman, he has a torn vertebra, a concussion and a broken jaw, but is now out of danger.

  7. RockandRollM/CHawaii

    Bikers, one has to have the bike in gear in case those driving cars are distracted. Here is a clear case of an officer, lights going off, siren sounding and over a 100 yards for the person in the car to react. This Officer on the bike could have controlled his destiny by reacting and not assuming he was seen. Be Safe, Ride Smart . . .


  9. Guess he really lives in The Land of Illusion. Hope he came out of it better than it looks like he might have. If he rides again, I hope he does not make the mistake again.

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