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Ohio Trooper Who Ran Over Bikers Gets Light Sentence

ohio couple struckXENIA, Ohio (WDTN) – The Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper who crashed his patrol car into a couple on a motorcycle was sentenced Monday in Xenia Municipal Court. According to the highway patrol’s crash report, Trooper Jacob Daymon was speeding and using his in-car computer in August 2013 when he struck a motorcycle carrying Corey and Amy Waldman. He was sentenced to pay a fine of $150, plus court costs on a misdemeanor charge of failing to maintain assured clear distance. His license was also suspended for six months, however Daymon’s attorney said the judge will allow an exception to accommodate his work. When handing down the sentence, the judge told Daymon he considered his behavior reckless given there were no adverse weather conditions and he was driving on a rural stretch of highway void of stop-and-go traffic. Before Judge Michael Murry, Daymon apologized to the victims though they were not in court.


19 thoughts on “Ohio Trooper Who Ran Over Bikers Gets Light Sentence

  1. how nice….those people are stuck with an outrageous hospital bill for something that wasnt there fault…WTF!!..the cop should pay there bills!!!!!!!!!

  2. If I was a Ohio trooper I would hang my head in shame this dumb ass should be fired I wonder what he would got if he would killed them . I am surprised he didn't kill, them , If you notice he backed up not knowing where they were he could have ran over them and killed them WHY wasent he FIRED troopers walk around as if they are god . I have always said there is a officer and a gentleman officer and a prick, but mow we need to add one a total DUMBASS, along with the judge

  3. That is fucking bull shit. i get a 200 dollar ticket for haVING A GRAM OF WEED BUT THIS DUDE AND ASSHOLE A DEFENSLESS COUPLS AND WALK. (OOPS CAPSLOCK) if this were me just cuz im a felon i would be strung up by my balls. our system has failed us.

  4. if it were anyone else, they would have not gotten such a "light" sentence. This is total bullshit!!! he should have got charged with alot more, you know any other person besides an officer would have got the full punishment. i think cops can get away with basically anything!

  5. Xenia Judicial System has now set a precedence on what the sentence would be on a case of this matter. All civilian lawyers can now refer to this case to keep their clients out of jail and maintain their license for work purposes.

  6. The lady Buster is obviously suffering from self-induced hysteria and detachment from reality with hallucinations that a cell phone is a weapon..

  7. he should be in jail!! only 150$ fine???What the hell?? I really hope that he gets sued by the couple he hit. he should be paying for all of their hospital bills and repair their bike. justice for everyone? what a joke!!

  8. If it was not a cop he would be doing jail time, the judge did not do their job this time I am ashamed of the system and the double standards it has at times like this. They are supposed to be the same for cops and civilians but obviously they are not and I do not agree with this!!!!

  9. accomodate his work? so he can drive a police car but not his own car? should be fired! yes checking his car not the people he just ran over at a high rate of speed. glad the police are out caring for people…stick it to the workin man again!

  10. "failing to maintain assured clear distance…"
    Yep, that what I use to write up when I was cutting someone some slack or they were a fellow LEO.

    Don't know how the JUDGE can live with himself…must be on the payroll.


  12. True, a civilian probably would not have gotten such an easy go of it, especially with what appears more concern for his cruiser than tending to the motorcyclist that he just ran over. Ok, it was an accident, he made a mistake, crap happens, and some can forgive, but really?, to check on his cruiser damage twice while his victims were in obvious need of attention. That to me is unforgiveable and does not warrant the wrist slap he received. Was the judge not shown the video? I mean really, he backed up. What the hell? He could have run right over them, AGAIN.

  13. That is BULLSHIT…..Nobody ACCOMMODATED the Waldman's as they are trying to get over what he did to them……He should do Jail time instead of getting a little slap on the hand!!!!!!!

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