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Montgomery Alabama Officer Fired for Drag Racing

1 copA police officer in Montgomery Alabama has been fired, or rather has resigned, after a YouTube video surfaced in which he was seen, on his police bike, engaging in a friendly red light quick race with a civilian motorcyclist.

Montgomery resident Lawrence Lee Spillers recorded the video Sunday with a Go Pro camera attached to his motorcycle helmet.  “Honestly I think the cop was just trying to have a good time.  Spillers said it wasn’t much of a race.  “We didn’t even go above 60 mph.”

The Police chief saw it differently.  “For the very thing that we are out here enforcing the law, for an officer to cross that line and violate it, there’s no excuse. I will not tolerate it, and he is no longer wearing the badge,”

Watch the video and give us your thoughts.  Should he have been fired, or just disciplined?

*Update:  Officer Carlos Rogers was reinstated by Chief Kevin Murphy after reviewing the evidence and talking with Rogers.  Murphy said the city attorney and municipal prosecutor reviewed the video and said they would not pursue the case because there wasn’t enough evidence. After speaking with Rogers and hearing “from his heart the conciliatory regret” he had, Murphy decided to reinstate him.  “He cared so much and felt so bad he hurt us that he decided to step down,” Murphy said. “A man like that, in my book, deserves a second chance.  Rogers said during the incident, he was trying to show kinsmanship with a fellow biker and show police officers can be nice and friendly, not always aggressive or combative. But Rogers said he also is viewed as a professional and needs to behave more professionally.

19 thoughts on “Montgomery Alabama Officer Fired for Drag Racing

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  2. A lot of Sport Bike riders don't think a big bike like that can keep up. However, my big Harley Ultra with the 103 Cu Inch Engine, 255 High Performance Cams, and Race Tuner, has a whole lot of torque and is very quick off the line, just like this police bike, with the same equipment. I have surprised more than one that could not believe I was keeping up with them. As for the officer, he was just having a little fun. The Chief was too harsh. A good ass chewing, or maybe suspension, but not firing. I will strongly bet that the chief pulled some thing like this at one time or another or worse during his career and perhaps was not caught.

  3. Wow, come to MD.. The state troopers and county cops run you down in a car. They will be 2-3 feet off your bumper till you move over. Mind you they do not have the red and blue flashing. When on a bike they lay back like the snake they can be waiting for you to go over the speed limit to wright that ticket.

  4. he should have not gotten fired! maybe a few days off and told he would recieve a citation but not fired thats going a little too far!

  5. I have a lot of cops in my family. And most of them ride bikes . They are human to so what the point. Did he have fun that's the point .. if he didn't brake the speed limit I don't see a problem with the little bit of fun

  6. I would like to meet this officer shake his hand and buy him a couple Bud Lights, Oh wait he will probably get fired for having a couple beers while off duty and with a civilian

  7. He did nothing wrong. He could have gave a ticket to the guy , he pulled the front wheel on the red bike . not a thing was wrong with how it was handled. let's try to have fun people

  8. I'm glad the officer didn't lose his job. Being a peace officer can't be always bad against the public, so a friendly short race goes a long way, every motorcycle wants to race a motorcycle cop, so that to me was very cool for him to do.

  9. Yes he was in the wrong but to take his job away is wrong, Here in Omaha police beat the shit out of people for no reason at all and they get to keep there jobs,
    This guy was having fun, Yes it was wrong but he was showing the nice side of him self. Wish all police was like him and not let that badge make them think they have all the power in the world

  10. Glad to read he was reinstated. While not great judgement, it was a moment of frivolity on the job…a nice reach out to another bike rider.

  11. com'on even a harley accelerates faster than that officer did and it sure as heck would have been going a lot faster than he was, give him a break!

  12. exactly why take the guys job away from him for a moment of fun hell he is only human…. give him a suitable punishment but not fire him… what the hell is wrong with our country and the people living in it now days….

  13. I don't think he should have been fired or resigned but he shouldn't have raced to start. His punishment should have been 2 weeks off without pay and his file should have permanent notes.

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