Bike Thief Has a Bad Day. His Last.

While nobody likes a bike thief, especially one that hijacks your bike at gunpoint, you have to feel a little sorry for this one who clearly wasn’t expecting the karma that arrived for him.

9 thoughts on “Bike Thief Has a Bad Day. His Last.

  1. Got what he deserved. To bad cops can't do that here. A thief that threatens someones life needs to lose their own, before they take anothers.

  2. Total Dickhead! Hope he gets a permanent and debilitating physical reminder for the rest of his life! Justice was served then and there!

  3. Ah karma can be a merciless bitch. Also who the hell is giving these comments a thumbs down. Who ever it is needs to wake up and realize if someone is willing to point a gun at another person in order to take something that does not belong to them they need to be prepared to meet death.

  4. When I was a boy my mother taught me to aim for the stars.
    When I was a man, the Marines taught me to aim for the head.
    Since then, the only thing I "feel" when I kill the enemy is the recoil of my rifle.
    I wonder if this cop felt much more.
    Ooh Rah officer.

    • I hear you but the thief would not have hesitated one bit , to shoot the cop in cold blood,,,,for a motorcycle?Unfortunately , if a young man has a gun and is willing to point it , loaded , at another man , he must take full responsability of the outcome.
      Perhaps harsh , but the policeman saved a few lives that day.

  5. Nice. Glad that officer was right there to see what happen. One less punk on the streets. This is why you must be able to protect yourself while you ride.

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